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Webpage Content

We understand how difficult it is to write the content for your website. Writing for the web is different than a standard letter and therefore must be structured for this purpose Your website is going to be read by potentially millions of people rather than a specific target audience because they are seeking information.

If they can not, easily, find what they are looking for they will search another site!


Web surfers have different reading habits than magazine and/or newspaper readers. Web content has to be relevant throughout because web surfers are impatient and will leave IMMEDIATELY if they do not find what they are looking for. Consider the following:

  • Is your site different; or does it look like everyone else in the field you specialize in?

  • Does your site deliver the message you intended it too?

  • Does it tell the reader who you are, what you do, and why you are better?

  • Is it written for the readers' wants and needs clearly?

  • Does your website and other marketing material tell the same message?


The writers at The Write Plan, LLC will do everything possible to make sure the content within your website is well-written, original content:

  • Text will have logical flow
    Each page has a different story worth telling. All good stories include a beginning, middle and an end. Therefore, every line should have a purpose easily guiding the reader to the next thought.

  • Make the pages customer focused
    Write the content so it is directed to the customer - "YOU" and minimal self references - "I", "our", "us", etc.

  • Discuss one topic per page
    Each page will be focused on the main topic.

  • Central theme first
    The opening paragraph will clearly set-up the topic of the particular page and transition into what the topic to be covered is.

  • Benefits to the visitor
    People buy based off the benefit a product will bring them. This is the section where we will state something about your product showing why you are better than the competitor's products offer.

  • Closing Statement
    Action statement - contact link, phone number, form link, etc.