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Training Material

Companies require employees to utilize a variety of tools to get their jobs done. With technology ever changing it is important the business and everyone employed by the business remain up-to-speed to be most productive.

If you are looking for enhancements to your existing training and development material, then The Write Plan, LLC can help you!

The Write Plan, LLC customizes ALL training and development material based on client needs. Our writers create resources that are easily understood using clear writing, visuals, easy-to-understand graphs and/or charts. We focus on what participants need to know and finding ways to hold their attention while being user-friendly.

We design training material to teach and for reference!

After conducting an interview to determine what your specific industry and workplace needs are we may:

  1. Review Written Documentation
  • Review relevant job descriptions, other operating and procedural manuals, periodicals, reports, etc in order to assess the employees listening, speaking, reading, and writing levels in this position.

    2.   Readability Review

  • Review the reading level of company materials already in existence for determination of whether company materials should be simplified, employees should be trained, or both.

    3.   Observation

  • Observe employees currently performing the job for better a better understanding of what they do in order to write more precise training material for future employees doing the same job.

    4.   Interviews

  • Identify employee needs from the individual doing such work and their supervisors for better clarity.

    5.   Questionnaires

  • Employees, supervisors, and managers complete questionnaires regarding the job responsibilities and the specific skills needed to perform the job successfully.