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Chad has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially other business folks. His ability to connect with people no matter their background or profession is truly magical to watch. What sets Chad apart from his peers is his work ethic which I truly admire. He is always looking to improve in all aspects of his chosen career and activities. I am awed by his ability to obtainable goals and stops at nothing to achieve them. He is an intelligent, capable, and personable person that has a pleasant personality. I truly working with him and sharing various experiences together. - Chaz Kellem

“Chad surely is the networKING of Pittsburgh. He is plugged in to the professional networking circuit. Connect with him for referrals or post your own sponsored events to his monthly networking calendar distributed to 800+ Pittsburgh area business professionals.” - Sandy Horner, Business Development Strategist, Horner Consulting

“Chad has helped me in numerous ways with all my networking woes. From how to break the ice down to where to find the best places to get real business networking done. Chad's networking calendar is one of the best here in Pittsburgh. Anyone putting on an event should take full advantage of such a great service.” - Chris Engler

“Chad is the "King of Networking" in the North Hills Metro Area of Pittsburgh,PA. He knows all the networking events to attend.” 
- David S. Henzel, President, Henzel Consulting, LLC.

“Chad knows everybody! Through him, I have obtained numerous leads for my agency and met some great people.”
- Christina O'Shell, Director, Marketing & Development, Life's Work of Western PA

“I met Chad through the HOPE ministry at St. Ferdinand's Church. As I result of this meeting I now receive his newsletter from The Write Plan, LLC. It is packed with information on a broad range of subjects that will be useful to business owners. I found the section on "Basics of Industry Analysis" particularly useful as I develop my business plan.” 
- Melissa A. Wells, CFE, Expense Reimbursement Specialist, K-Force

“Chad is the most knowledgeable person about local entrepreneurial meetings. He has a detailed calendar that has highly recommended gatherings for business minded people. If you want YOUR business to be noticed, get Mr. Chad involved and the communities around Pittsburgh WILL know about it !!! He IS the man for Networking !!!!” Susan Arent, Distributor for Xango

“Chad has kept me very informed about many, many networking events. He has done this, it seems, just to keep a fellow Linked-in member informed. What a great resource!”
- Bill Purnell, Consultant, FEDELE Insurance Services Inc.

“My business is helping people develop stronger client relationships. It's about meeting people and converting them into either referral sources, strategic partners or clients. Whenever I attend events, Chad is the man I know will be there. He understands networking events and how to make them work. It is focused on knowing what events are happening in western PA and also who the key players. If you need to meet a key person, Chad most likely can get you there.” - Ken Scott

“Chad is the go-to guy in the Pittsburgh area for networking. PERIOD! If you have an event that you would like to get noticed, I would highly recommend contacting Chad to get the word out. He is very personable and helpful. I make sure he's in the loop for all of Advanced Process Optimization, Inc.'s news and events." - Jason Merschat, CEO,  Advanced Process Optimization, Inc.

“Chad is an excellent resource to many who are attempting to sort out the vast number of networking meetings in the Pittsburgh area. His web site and regular e-mails are the single best overview of the relevant meetings, describing their purpose and who attends each.” - Rick McAllister, Management Consultant, McAllister and Associates, LLC

“Chad is a very creative and energetic professional. If you're an entrepreneur or business professional who is looking for someone to help you put something into words, he is going to be a great resource for you.” - Peter Bruening, Sales & Business Development Coach, SellingPoints Group

“Chad's work in Pittsburgh has allowed him to become a source for others to continue networking. His presence at the Community Bridge Builders Networking meetings was always warm and welcoming. He is driven while remaining very focused on interpersonal relationships and continued networking.” - Misti McKeehen, Director of Recruitment & Outreach, Coro Center for Civic Leadership

“Chad has demonstrated professionalism and a unique ability to work within different business entities easily. He is a good friend and I would refer him readily. Joe Piszczor-Financial Advisor” - Joseph (Joe) Piszczor, CLTC, Personal Financial Advisor, BenchMark Financial Network

“I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Chad through various entrepreneurial organizations. Given the continual information onslaught which most of us face, I've found Chad's efforts to find and organize relevant networking information to be invaluable. As such, I highly recommend that organizations avail themselves of Chad's serving as an "information portal" for the benefit of both the organizations as well as the audiences which they're trying to reach.” - Phil Fraga, Principal, Cohen Law Group

“"As self-proclaimed Networking "King", Chad is well qualified to claim this title. He is comfortable participating in, leading, and promoting new connections between diverse people from different businesses. He demonstrates a relaxed ability to make new friends at each event he attends and is well informed about the Pittsburgh community of networking opportunities, Chad has successfully taken on the challenge of building a useful calendar to inform others about upcoming events. If you have an event you want to promote, be sure to let Chad Zwigart know.” - Marty Stahl, Marketing Director / Business Coach, Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania, Inc.

“I have subscribed to Chad's e-newsletter and I can honestly say I completely understand why he is called the KING of networking! Chad has kept me updated with many events that I would never even know about. I recommend that if you are planning an event to definitely inform Chad about it so he can post it on his monthly networking calendar.” - Michelle Makepeace, Marketing Director, Allegheny Imaging of McCandless

I've had the pleasure of knowing Chad and associating with him at various professional associations' meetings throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area where he was either directing, facilitating or participating in their professional events. He's always taking the lead in discussions, coordinating the events, networking with the participants and making sure everyone in attendance is proactive and contributing. I would recommend Chad and his services to anyone requiring a thorough and consistent approach and follow-through to any endeavor. Art Probola, Jr. Facilities, Maintenance & Manufacturing Management Professional” - Art Probola, Maintenance Supervisor, Camp-Hill Corp. (Old USS National Tube Works)

“In addition to recommending Mr. Zwigart for his professional writing services, he provides invaluable insight and assistance into the concept of "networking" and, more importantly, is tapped into all the key networking events in the greater Pittsburgh area. Not only can he help you find the right networking forum for yourself but he can help organizations and professionals putting on an such event succeed. That's why he's the "King" of Networking.” - Albert Peterlin, Business Litigation Attorney, Morella & Associates, a Professional Corporation