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Strategic (Marketing) Analysis

You have many great ideas, but no way of getting there. The Write Plan, LLC can help you organize the clutter by developing a clear strategic plan for the entire company or a department.
Every company is different and we know that. Therefore, we will design a strategic plan that meets your budget and time-frame. The Write Plan, LLC wants to make sure we have enough time for research , brainstorming, analyzing, and documenting our findings, usually 60-90 days for completion.

Within those 60-90 days we will work closely with you by asking such questions as:

  • What is your business model?

  • What are your major revenue streams?

  • Who are present and future customers and what will make them decide to purchase from you?

  • How will you gain new customers?

  • What marketing and/or sales channels can be developed?

  • Competition? - Present and Potential.

  • Barriers to entry?

  • Milestones?


The three (3) areas we will cover are scope, positioning and goals:

    Refers to the choice of services and/or products a company wants to offer. In order to make this determination we will work with you on understanding what the company should offer to its customers and geographic location.

    How will your company be different than the competition?

    Specific in time and extent.


Although this process may sound simple, in reality it is not!


The keys to its success include:

  • Base the plan on facts.


  • Brainstorm and consider all alternatives, even if they seem absurd at first or from unexpected sources.


  • The consultants at The Write Plan, LLC will build alignment and buy-in from management through effective communication and monitoring.