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A written Procedure / Work Instruction is a guide in steps that helps the reader through a task.


At The Write Plan, LLC we work with the personnel who will use the Procedure / Work Instructions. It is imperative to know what your writing is to do. Who is the information geared towards? What are they to do after reading the information?

If you can't answer these questions then how do you expect the information to be followed?

Conveying the information

A defined set of steps in the voice and clarity of the reader at a level of understanding is key. It is often good to look at what you are writing from the readers stance. How do you verify that the information you want them to remember will stick? 

What does this mean to your company

If you are confused, not able to communicate in the voice of the reader, or just don't have the time then contact The Write Plan, LLC for help!

If you have been in a situation of growth it is more than likely your procedures and systems have not, putting you at risk!