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The Write Plan, LLC can design a newsletter with you by creating a custom template related to your company's identity to help you met your objectives. An effective newsletter will meet these objectives in many ways such as:
  • Communication. A newsletter is an excellent way for periodic communication.
    Regular communication with you customer is a must!


  • Image. Build a positive image for your company and products/services.
    Newsletters help this happen!


  • Recognition. By keeping your name in front of customers and potential prospects.
    Newsletters EXCEED other forms of communication!


  • Interest. Develop interest in upgrades, additional products/services, NEW products/services and add-ons.
    Examples and illustrations - perfect for a newsletter!


  • People. Inaugurate new people from your business.
    Highlight them in the newsletter, many benefits!


  • Introduction. Introduce new ideas, applications or methods.
    Show how to use in your newsletter!


  • Cross sell. Memories are short.
    Remind customers and potential prospects about all your products/services!


  • Edge over competition.
    A well written and designed newsletter can help do that!


  • Customer retention. Explain to your customers how to gain the most from your products or services.
    Reinforce features and benefits - if increasing retention of these customers is important then a newsletter is a PRIME BENEFIT and should help!


What is the process for putting together a newsletter for my business?
The Write Plan, LLC consultant will work with you by gathering information about what you want to accomplish. During this process the consultant will gain an understanding of your objectives and operations to see how the project can "fit-in" to the goals of the business.

As the project develops we will review the work in progress with you -
you are involved from the beginning! Once a formal draft is completed the consultant shall submit the material to you in order to review, comment and correct as necessary. After your review we both discuss, make changes, listen to your feedback and refine the material to a point that is satisfactory.

Every client is different and have different needs, vision and objectives. Therefore, though the questions may be the same to every client the specific objectives are not.

Some of the questions may be:

  • What do you want done?

  • What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

  • What makes these things difficult?

  • Where do you fit within your market?

  • How, presently, do you communicate with the market?


Imagine your newsletter completed without draining your valuable time and resources. Let us take over the time-consuming job of creating the newsletter from start to finish, call or email today!