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Marketing and PR Services

Good press is essential to growing a successful business and fundamental to the marketing process is starting with making sure your communications infrastructure is in place and knowing how to reach your audience. The Write Plan, LLC Marketing and Public Relations services are tailored for the small business owner challenged with how to position your products, services and ideas. The Write Plan, LLC can help you implement your plans by creating the initiatives for going to market in a professional, consistent manner which includes:

Press Kit Development and Release
Sales and Marketing Materials
Corporate Communications
Corporate Identity

Media Relations (Digital PR - Video Sharing)

Press Kit Development and Release
An important part of the communication process is the ability to deliver a well-crafted message to the right media audience. This includes cultivating and maintaining the appropriate press and trade contacts and submitting relevant materials. The right PR strategy will drive growth. The Write Plan, LLC will help your firm:
  • Craft and distribute press releases
  • Develop a clear and consistent company voice and tone
  • Maintain proactive communications with the press and public

Sales and Marketing Material
Used in client presentations and prospect meetings, the goal of this medium is to aid in the sales process by promoting your business and highlighting the most important facets of your firm or product. Well-crafted sales and marketing materials will extend your brand and bring in new business. These strategies are delivered through multiple avenues:
  • Brochures
  • Sales ideas
  • Sales tools
  • Product positioning
  • Fact sheets
  • Educational material

Corporate Communications
A firm's communication efforts should be coordinated and consistent to maintain and build brand identity (includes business development efforts, internal communication and training.) Your firm can benefit from the following corporate communication strategies:

External Communication Strategies

  • Presentations
  • Corporate Messages
  • Educational Materials
  • Annual Report
Internal Communication Strategies
  • Training Modules
  • White Papers
  • Reporting Requirements

Corporate Identity
As the first marketing touch point, the right identity will effectively convey your firm's key values and leave a powerful response in your clients thoughts. The right message and materials will create interest, drive new business, and develop customer loyalty. Being successful at this step is essential in developing your brand, re-inventing your firm, or launching a new product or service. Creating/enhancing yo
ur identity could include any of the following:
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Messaging
  • Identity Materials
  • Firm Overview
  • Management Bios
  • Brochures


Effectively designed and well-crafted advertising initiatives can drive new business for your firm. Whether you are looking for additional exposure or going directly to a consumer base with a particular product or service, the right message and creativity will improve your results. The Write Plan, LLC has expertise in the following areas:
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Print ads
  • Announcements

Media Relations (Digital PR - Video Sharing)

Use partnerships and the media to take your message to the masses

Recent studies show the use of video sharing sites has nearly doubled in three years. A Company can build its own video library to add value in social networks, give reporters background on a topic and put on their website to use in the sales process. Click on the Press Release hyperlink below to see more of the exciting things The Write Plan, LLC in collaboration with Cold Open Media can do with video to help your business.

Press Release

The Write Plan, LLC educates clients about networking to create strategies that work with individual skill sets. By teaching its clients how to enjoy networking. The Write Plan, LLC transforms people you met into colleagues and lifelong customers.

  • You should focus on having a great set of business cards for networking events and other potential client encounters.
  • Find those media contacts that are only in publications that offer content related to your niche, and focus on building those relationships.