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Employee Handbooks

Placing your policies in an Employee Handbook form is essential because it serves as a guide or road map for making certain that the fundamental policies, behaviors, vision, and mission statement of your company are very clear to all employees. Also, this document will communicate to your employees the expectations they are to adhere too. This will help you as a business reduce risk associated with litigation proceedings. The sections of an Employee Handbook can be information taken from Policies and Procedures in order to make a more complete document for the employees to follow. Usually after the first review an employer may ask the employee to sign a document contained within to acknowledge they read and understand the document.

What happens if the Employee Handbook is not followed?

Inconsistent treatment of employees

If the people supervising employees do not follow the guidelines in an Employee Handbook in a consistent manner then there is a chance claims of unfair treatment or discrimination can occur.

Unintended Promises

Creates implied contracts resulting in annoyed employees and/or legal claims.


Unless reviewed and updated on a consistent manner the Employee Handbook can fall out of compliance with what the company believes in AND THE LAW!

Areas (usually) covered in an Employee Handbook

  • Welcome Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Mission statement

  • Employment Information

  • Compensation

  • Benefits

  • Operating Information

  • Separation

The Write Plan, LLC will assist in developing the policies customized to your specific business by:

  • Providing guidance to new employees.

  • Communicating to everyone at your business. For example, what to do in case of a fire.

  • Informing employees about such topics as Leave of Absence, Holidays, Vacations, etc.


Send or email a copy of your existing policy manual (if applicable) for your detailed review to or the mail address at the top of each page. Once received and reviewed The Write Plan, LLC will:

  • Inspect all current policies and procedures.

  • Identify through discussions with key personnel where lack of written documentation exists.

  • Prepare a draft version of your new policy manual for review.

  • Finalize policy process.

  • Print and present to management for review.

  • Provide training for supervisor personnel on policies.