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Business Plans
A Business Plan describes a company's plan for operations. A comprehensive Business Plan and a process for monitoring should be in place for any business but few have the time or experience.

Why Do I need a Business Plan?

Its a great idea to start a business of your own. The next step is getting the start-up money to move forward. Most try to start a business without a proper Business Plan. A good Business Plan will have everything you want in it such as calculations of expenses. The Write Plan, LLC Business Plans are written for the specific purpose of acquiring financing. Lenders and investors evaluating request for financing require them.

A Business Plan done properly will help in the tracking of your business as it builds by analyzing the current situation of the market niche your product or service is in.  Also, it allows you to see the future of your business in the next three to five years - this is a reason why even small businesses should have a Business Plan!

Many entrepreneurs question the value of a Business Plan because they become over-whelmed spending time on Marketing and/or Product Development. Why not think about all the angles strategically and the advantages of growing your business?

Benefits of a great Business Plan

  1. Give you the entrepreneur confidence to give the business 100% commitment
  2.  Is necessary when seeking funding from outside sources
  3. Valuable information
  4. Helps to identify and assess your competitors
  5. Forces your goals to be put in writing
  6. Allows the entrepreneur to find potential problems and react

What are the advantages to having a Business Plan?

  • Helps to take an objective look and viability of the idea
  • Clarifies thinking
  • Helps define and outline objectives and plans
  • Focuses attention on important issues and set priorities
  • Keeps all involved focused on the vision
  • Can be used for feasibility studies during the start-up and growth periods
  • Can be used to track performance
  • Can be used as a financial proposal for presenting to banks or investors 
  • What will The Write Plan, LLC do for me?

    No pre-written, canned Business Plan. Your Business Plan will be custom written, just for you!!!

    Before any work begins and in order for the process to work smoothly we require someone from your staff to:

    1.    Provide past financial statements if the plan is for an existing business.

    2.    Discuss your Operations Plan with us. 

    3.    Make revisions to the draft version of your plan.

    We will make the first draft of your Business Plan within three weeks and send it to you for review. We advise you to look it over and make sure it presents your plans accurately and completely. Make any corrections, additions, or revisions, and return a corrected copy ASAP. Completion of the final draft usually only takes a few days.