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Adding Event Guidelines

Thank you for inquiring about adding an event to The Write Plan, LLC networking calendar. In order to process your request please read the following:

  • The Write Plan, LLC networking calendar is a monthly publication serving Western Pennsylvania. The calendar is specifically designed for businesses and business people who know the benefits of networking.
  • It is the responsibility of the requestor to submit current and accurate up to date information.
  • Complete description of the event should be submitted 1 month prior to desired posting date.
  • Description MUST BE 100 words or less including how to RSVP for the event.
  • Information will be posted "as-is" from the information you send us, no further editing provided once received.
  • Approval by The Write Plan, LLC representative is needed prior to submission.
  • The submitted contents should be finalized - edited (Proofed) for spelling, grammar and style prior to submission.
  • For your submissions, and the use of your name in connection with your submission, you hereby grant to The Write Plan, LLC a royalty free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable non-exclusive transferable right in the communications, text, hyper links, photographs, graphics, animation, scripts, video and/or audio clips or any other items (hereinafter the "Content") for any medium now known or hereinafter developed, to use, copy, modify, adapt, display, and/or create derivative works thereof, or any other right afforded under the intellectual property laws, including but not limited to The Write Plan, LLC's right to remove and edit names, dates, descriptions, and events that are contained in the Content.
  • Your submission of Content does not guarantee its posting on The Write Plan, LLC's Web Site. The Write Plan, LLC retains the right to post, not to post, remove, or re-post the Content.
  • You assume sole responsibility for the following: (a) acquiring any authorization(s) necessary for The Write Plan, LLC to use the Content, including third party authorization or approval, and are attached to or submitted with the Content or this Agreement; and (b) the accuracy of materials licensed to The Write Plan, LLC, including without limitation, Content, descriptive claims, names, warranties, guarantees, nature of business, and address where business is conducted.
  • You shall not use any trademarks, service marks, trade names, or property owned, controlled, licensed or otherwise proprietary to either party, whether or not such materials are incorporated into The Write Plan, LLC website, without the other party's prior written consent.
  • Profanity and references to illegal behavior will not be tolerated at any time.
  • Because we offer this FREE service we recommend you add The Write Plan, LLC's logo to all correspondences related to such event. (Logo to be sent in separate email after your acceptance and approval from The Write Plan, LLC of your event)

Disclaimer: The Write Plan, LLC reserves the right to decline posting any event that does not meet the above criteria.


I/We, the event submitter, have read and agree to abide by the criteria for submitting events for posting on The Write Plan, LLC events calendar. In addition, I/We do expressly release The Write Plan, LLC individually and collectively, of and from any and all liability for any damage, injury, or loss to any persons or goods which may arise from listing or events/activities. I/We agree to hold harmless The Write Plan, LLC for any loss by any reason thereof. All information shown in guidelines is part of the agreement and supersedes any and all prior representations about the networking events calendar that may have been made verbally or in writing.

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