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2012 Newsletters
December 2012 - Poor Grammar Can Kill Your Reputation and How Clear Is Your Writing

November 2012 - What To Do With "Found" Time and Keeping Time Records

October 2012 - What are the things to watch out for in project kickoff meetings and Pro Bono Work

September 2012 - Does Anyone Really Understand What You Are Saying? and Bounce Back From Mistakes

August 2012 - How To Get Your Clients To Call You A Second Time? and Being Ready For A Conversation About Your Services With Any Prospect

July 2012 - Low Budget, High Effectiveness Visibility and Getting Visibility For Your Blog Or Content

June 2012 - Do You Know The Difference Between Managers and Leaders / The Relevance Of Organizational Values

May 2012 - Being The Smartest Person In The Room and Creating Leaders As Consultants

January 2012 - Design/Build Consulting and Improve Your Speaking Ability

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